• Rosewood Sugar Scrub


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    Simply the absolute best rose scent I have. It's so hard to find a rose fragrance that doesn't smell like a medicine cabinet and, unfortunately, rose essential oil is too expensive. I hunted and hunted and hunted and I have finally found a fragrance that smells like Heaven and it's phthalate free.

    This sugar scrub is so yummy you'll want to eat it up with a spoon. I love it for my legs, have even used a small amount on my face and I've said goodbye to dry, cracked elbows forever. This is a must for my personal bath.

    The sugar gently exfoliates your skin leaving a light oil to keep the moisture in. Made with Shea Butter and scented with essential oil, this is a real treat. 3.9 oz of pure exfoliating bliss. 

    A wonderful Rose fragrance with a hint of wood.  Warm and wonderful.

    I make small batches assuring that every single ingredient is given the time it needs to work its magic. 

    You get 3.9 oz of scrub.

    Add a dollop to hand and gently massage into skin. It rinses off quickly and leaves your skin feeling soft and loved.

    This is the perfect gift for the person you know needs to relax and be spoiled. 

    These products are all handmade. No two items are the same and even coloring can differ. All batches are tested by myself and my family for quality control.

    If you have any questions please feel free to message me and I will personally get back with you as soon as possible.